Malaysia to Implement 30-Day Visa-Free Entry for Citizens of China and India

Malaysia to Implement 30-Day Visa-Free Entry for Citizens of China and India

PUTRAJAYA – In a bid to boost tourism and the economy, Malaysia’s Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim has announced that citizens of China and India will be granted 30-day visa-free entry to the country starting from December 1. This announcement, made during the closing speech of Parti Keadilan Rakyat’s congress, is part of the celebration of the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations with China next year.


This move follows China’s recent decision to allow visa-free entry for Malaysians and citizens of five European countries for 15 days. While Singapore and Indonesia contribute the highest number of tourists to Malaysia within ASEAN, China tourists form the largest group from outside the region.


Prime Minister Anwar emphasized the significant potential of this initiative and highlighted plans to enhance transportation and facilities at airports to accommodate the expected increase in visitors. The Tourism, Arts, and Culture Minister had previously mentioned the plan to implement visa exemptions for Chinese and Indian tourists, aiming to attract more visitors from these countries.


Addressing concerns about his frequent travels abroad, Prime Minister Anwar stressed the importance of Malaysia’s foreign relations in boosting domestic business. He noted the improved relationship with Singapore and expressed optimism about further cooperation, especially in the proposed economic zone in Johor.


Additionally, Prime Minister Anwar announced a meeting with his Thai counterpart, Mr. Srettha Thavisin, for bilateral talks on the development of the border area between Malaysia and Thailand. The discussions will focus on easing travel between both countries and the construction of key connectivity projects at the border to enhance economic development in Thailand’s deep south.


The announcement comes amid a decline in Prime Minister Anwar’s approval rating, attributed mainly to concerns about the economy, as highlighted in a recent survey by the independent pollster Merdeka Center. Despite criticisms and challenges, Prime Minister Anwar defended his administration’s commitment to reforms and emphasized the absence of corruption cases involving leaders misappropriating public funds.

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