Latest News on PM Modi's Visit to Kashmir: PM Modi will be in Srinagar today to take part in the 'Viksit Bharat Viksit Jammu Kashmir' event.

Latest News on PM Modi’s Visit to Kashmir: PM Modi will be in Srinagar today to take part in the ‘Viksit Bharat Viksit Jammu Kashmir’ event.

PM Modi’s visit to Srinagar: Drone and quadcopter flying is temporarily prohibited

Drones and quadcopters are not allowed to fly in Srinagar at this time due to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit. In a post to X, the Srinagar Police stated “Srinagar city has been declared as ‘Temporary Red Zone’ for the operation of drones and quadcopters as per provisions of Rule 24(2) of Drone Rules, 2021, with immediate effect,” further stating, “As responsible citizens, your cooperation is solicited in this regard.”


PM Modi in Srinagar Visit: A song honoring PM Modi is composed by a young vocalist from Kashmir

A teenage vocalist from the Anantnag district of Jammu and Kashmir has written a song in praise of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in advance of his visit to the Kashmir valley on Thursday. The roughly three-minute song was written by Imran Aziz (27), who describes himself as a major fan of the prime minister. It welcomes the leader and praises the actions performed by his government, notably the revocation of Article 370. “Modi aayenge Modi aayenge, Kamal khilayenge, jhanda leharayenge” (Modi will arrive, the lotus will blossom, and he (Modi) will hoist the flag)” is how the song opens.


Kashmir is ‘waiting’ for PM Modi to arrive, and thousands are expected to join his rally in Srinagar.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to the valley has prompted the Jammu and Kashmir government to step up security measures. The Prime Minister’s rally will take place in Bakshi Stadium in Srinagar, and thousands of people are anticipated to arrive from all over Kashmir, thus security there as well as in Kashmir was placed on high alert. Before the PM’s arrival, security forces set up nakas at several locations to prevent any untoward incidents. In Kashmir, people are eager to greet the prime minister and anticipate hearing about a development package.


Visit of Prime Minister Modi to Kashmir: This was PM Modi’s first trip to Kashmir following his government’s repeal of Article 370 of the Constitution.

The opposition parties are hoping for a declaration on Assembly polls in Jammu and Kashmir, and with the Lok Sabha election quickly approaching, the prime minister’s planned visit has taken on a strong political component over what he would say about the matter. On August 5, 2019, the BJP-led Center revoked the terms of Article 370 and divided the former state into the Union territories of Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh.


PM Modi Visits Kashmir: 42 tourism spots chosen for the CBDD program will be made public

The Prime Minister will reveal 42 tourism locations chosen through the Challenge Based Destination Development (CBDD) Scheme during the program. The creative plan, unveiled during the Union Budget 2023–24, intends to offer end-to-end travel experiences by spurring the growth of tourism hotspots and fostering sustainability and competitiveness in the travel industry. The 42 locations have been divided into four groups: 16 under the heading “Culture & Heritage Destination,” 11 under the heading “Spiritual Destinations,” 10 under the heading “Ecotourism and Amrit Dharohar,” and 5 under the heading “Vibrant Village.”


During his visit to Srinagar, PM Modi will introduce a number of measures aimed at increasing pilgrimage and tourism.

The Prime Minister would dedicate himself to the country and initiate several projects under the Swadesh Darshan and PRASHAD programs, which have a combined value of over Rs 1400 crore, with the aim of enhancing the overall experience of tourists and pilgrims visiting notable pilgrimage and tourism sites across the country.


PM Modi’s visit to Kashmir: initiatives to strengthen J&K’s agribusiness will be introduced

The Prime Minister will dedicate the ‘Holistic Agriculture Development Programme’ (HADP) to the country, a move that will significantly strengthen Jammu and Kashmir’s agri-economy. In Jammu and Kashmir, the HADP is an integrated program that covers the whole range of operations in the three primary agri-economy domains: livestock husbandry, agriculture, and horticulture. Through a special Daksh Kisan site, the program is anticipated to provide skill development to roughly 2.5 lakh farmers.


PM Modi, Srinagar Visit: PM Modi to issue appointment orders to around 1000 new government recruits in J&K.

The Prime Minister will also announce the ‘Dekho Apna Desh People’s Choice Tourist Destination Poll’ and the ‘Chalo India Global Diaspora Campaign’. He will also reveal the tourist sites chosen under the Challenge Based Destination Development (CBDD) Scheme. In addition, the Prime Minister will present appointment orders to around 1000 new government hires in Jammu and Kashmir, as well as interact with beneficiaries of several government projects, such as women achievers, lakhpati didis, farmers, and entrepreneurs.

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