Investing in the Fertile Land of Kashmir: A Green Revolution Unfolds

Investing in the Fertile Land of Kashmir: A Green Revolution Unfolds

Srinagar, (18th. December 2023) at zoom

In a groundbreaking move to harness the agricultural potential of the verdant Kashmir Valley, a consortium led by Mr. Bhushan Goel, Syed Basharat Hussain, and Dr. Bilal Ahmad Bhat has announced the launch of KASHmirie, a comprehensive initiative aimed at fostering agricultural growth, supporting local farmers, and promoting Kashmiri-made products.

Kashmir’s Agricultural Abundance: A Strategic Opportunity

Known for its breathtaking landscapes and diverse climatic conditions, Kashmir experiences the full spectrum of four seasons, making it an ideal region for agricultural activities. The fertile land and temperate climate create favorable conditions for the cultivation of a variety of crops.

Collaborative Efforts for Economic Transformation

Mr. Bhushan Goel, a prominent entrepreneur, Syed Basharat Hussain, a visionary leader, and Dr. Bilal Ahmad Bhat, a global entrepreneur, have joined forces to launch KASHmirie. Their shared vision is to create a platform that not only taps into the agricultural potential of the region but also establishes strong connections with farmers, manufacturers, and traders.

In a joint statement, the trio emphasized their commitment to transforming the agricultural landscape of Jammu & Kashmir. They highlighted the economic opportunities that lie within the agricultural sector and expressed their dedication to supporting local farmers, fostering sustainable practices, and promoting Kashmiri-made products on a global scale.

Boosting Local Economy: A Win-Win Proposition

KASHmirie aims to collaborate with multiple brands, establish partnerships with farmers, initiate agriculture-related projects, and promote food product manufacturers. The comprehensive approach is expected to provide a significant boost to the local economy, creating opportunities for vendors, manufacturers, and traders in the region.

Global Promotion of Kashmiri Products

In addition to focusing on the domestic market, KASHmirie has set its sights on the global stage. The consortium believes that the rich agricultural heritage of Kashmir, coupled with the quality of locally made products, can find a global audience. By establishing an international presence, KASHmirie seeks to position Jammu & Kashmir as a hub for premium agricultural produce.

A Call to Farmers and Entrepreneurs: Unleashing the Potential

As KASHmirie unfolds its ambitious plans, farmers and entrepreneurs in Jammu & Kashmir are urged to actively participate in this transformative initiative. The consortium believes that by investing in agriculture, the region can witness a green revolution that not only benefits local communities but also contributes to the economic prosperity of the entire region.

The launch of KASHmirie is seen as a step toward unlocking the vast potential of Kashmir’s fertile land, promoting sustainable agriculture, and showcasing the richness of Kashmiri products to the world.

For further information and collaboration opportunities, interested parties are encouraged to reach out to KASHmirie through their official channels.

Contact Information:

[+917006884386- for KASHmirie]

Note: This news release is based on a joint statement by Mr. Bhushan Goel, Mr. Syed Basharat Hussain, and Dr. Bilal Ahmad Bhat to The VOK (The Voice of Kashmir).at  Zoom

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