Interview with Professor Dr. Glenn Agung Hole on ESG Social Sustainability and Entrepreneurship for a Sustainable Future

Interview with Professor Dr. Glenn Agung Hole on ESG, Social Sustainability, and Entrepreneurship for a Sustainable Future

In an illuminating interview conducted by Dr. Bilal Ahmad Bhat, Founder of BAB Group Of Companies, Professor Dr. Glenn Agung Hole delved deep into the realms of ESG, Social Sustainability, and Entrepreneurship, paving the way for a sustainable future. This insightful conversation, brought to you exclusively by “Three Circle-Where Every Angle Finds Its Voice,” uncovered crucial insights and strategies for businesses and individuals looking to make a positive impact on society and the environment.

Professor Dr. Glenn Agung Hole, renowned for his expertise in sustainability and entrepreneurship, highlighted the significance of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors in today’s business landscape. He emphasized the need for businesses to align their operations with sustainable practices, not just for profitability but also for social and environmental stewardship.

The discussion also delved into the concept of Social Sustainability, stressing the importance of businesses contributing positively to society through ethical practices, community engagement, and social responsibility initiatives. Professor Dr. Glenn Agung Hole emphasized that businesses can thrive sustainably by integrating social impact into their core strategies.

Moreover, the interview explored the role of entrepreneurship in driving sustainable innovation and addressing global challenges. Professor Dr. Glenn Agung Hole shared valuable insights on how entrepreneurs can leverage their creativity and passion to create solutions that benefit both people and the planet.

Overall, this captivating interview shed light on the transformative power of ESG, Social Sustainability, and Entrepreneurship, inspiring individuals and businesses to embrace sustainability as a cornerstone of their endeavors for a brighter and more sustainable future

Professor Dr. Glenn Agung Hole: Thank you for having me. The evolution of ESG reflects a profound transformation in the business world. It signifies a departure from traditional success metrics, focusing instead on a holistic view incorporating environmental stewardship, social equity, and ethical governance. This shift is driven by a growing recognition that long-term success and sustainability are inextricably linked to how well a company manages its relationships with the environment, society, and its stakeholders. ESG is not merely a trend but a fundamental approach to redefining value creation in a way that benefits everyone.

Professor Dr. Glenn Agung Hole: Social sustainability is about ensuring the longevity and health of communities and societies in which we operate. For companies, this means looking beyond immediate financial gains to consider the broader social impacts of their actions. Effective integration of social sustainability involves a commitment to fair labour practices, fostering diversity and inclusion, and actively participating in community development. It requires businesses to adopt a stakeholder approach, considering the needs and well-being of employees, customers, communities, and future generations. By prioritising social sustainability, companies contribute to a more just and equitable society and enhance their resilience and competitiveness.

Professor Dr. Glenn Agung Hole: Entrepreneurs wield the power to redefine the marketplace and societal norms. They are pioneers, often in charge of adopting new technologies and practices prioritising sustainability. By embedding ESG principles at the core of their ventures, entrepreneurs can create businesses that are economically viable and socially and environmentally responsible. This involves innovating to reduce environmental impact, addressing unmet social needs, and conducting business ethically and transparently. Entrepreneurs can lead by example, demonstrating that sustainable practices are feasible but also profitable and desirable in the modern economy.

Professor Dr. Glenn Agung Hole: My approach to education and mentorship is grounded in the belief that future leaders must be equipped with the knowledge and values to navigate the complexities of our global challenges. This involves fostering a mindset that values sustainability, ethics, and social responsibility as core components of successful leadership. My courses and mentorship programs emphasise experiential learning, critical thinking, and ethical reflection. We explore real-world case studies highlighting the challenges and opportunities of implementing sustainable practices. By encouraging students and mentees to envision innovative solutions and moral responses to these challenges, I aim to inspire a generation of leaders prepared to lead with integrity and a commitment to the greater good.

Professor Dr. Glenn Agung Hole: The sustainability journey is challenging and rewarding. I advise businesses and leaders to embrace this challenge with openness, innovation, and a commitment to continuous learning. Sustainability should be viewed as a journey of transformation that offers opportunities for growth, innovation, and deeper engagement with the world. Start by embedding ESG principles into the DNA of your organisation, make sustainability a crucial part of your strategic planning, and engage all stakeholders in this process. Cultivate a culture that values and rewards sustainable practices and be prepared to adapt and evolve as new challenges and opportunities arise. Pursuing sustainability is not just a business imperative but a moral one, calling us to act responsibly to benefit our planet and future generations.

Professor Dr. Glenn Agung Hole: The pleasure is mine. If there’s one thing, I hope to leave you with, it’s the belief that we can contribute to a sustainable future. Whether through our professional endeavours, our choices as consumers, or our actions as global community members, we all play a part. Let’s embrace this opportunity with enthusiasm and commitment. Thank you for the engaging conversation.

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