Seed Of Design

Seed of Design (SOD) stands as a living testament to the belief that stylish and chic furniture shouldn’t come with a hefty price tag. Comprising a collective of dedicated craftsmen enthusiasts, SOD is committed to designing and crafting each furniture piece to be both stylish and affordable, ensuring it meets your needs without straining your budget.


At the heart of Seed of Design’s philosophy lies a dedication to making urban, modern, and cosmopolitan home furnishings within reach for everyone. Understanding the aspirations of individuals for elegant yet reasonably priced furniture, SOD’s passionate teams, who take pride in creating beautiful homes, tirelessly curate and produce inspiring pieces that elevate the aesthetic appeal of homes, offices, and hospitality spaces.


Meticulously sourced quality wood is used to create fashionable pieces that epitomize modern living. Each piece undergoes thoughtful adjustments and resizing to align with the requirements of contemporary homes. Seed of Design takes immense pride in producing furniture that is not just exquisite but also designed to be cherished for years to come.


Setting itself apart from typical furniture retailers, Seed of Design firmly believes that every customer deserves the best, tailored to their precise specifications. The customization of furniture creation and delivery is a source of pride and joy for SOD. Additionally, the company has ventured into the production of Semangkok furniture in Malaysia, addressing the increasing demand both locally and internationally. Seed of Design welcomes bulk orders for custom-made series, empowering customers to bring their unique design ideas to life.


Seed of Design’s commitment to affordable elegance, customization, and quality craftsmanship positions it as a distinctive player in the furniture industry. The brand goes beyond merely providing furniture; it serves as a bridge between desire and affordability, ensuring that everyone can adorn their spaces with pieces that reflect their style and personality. With Seed of Design, your home can become a haven of chic and stylish furniture, making elegance accessible to all.