THE TEAKITA JOURNEY A Legacy Etched in Wood

For almost a quarter-century, Teakita’s story has been a testament to the artistry of teakwood craftsmanship. Commencing our journey in 1999 with the opening of our first showroom in Kota Damansara, we embarked on a venture into the world of furniture, collaborating with local Indonesian suppliers to bring their teakwood creations to Malaysian homes.


Driven by an unwavering commitment to quality, our path led us to a more hands-on approach. In 2002, we established an independent product finishing plant, allowing us to meticulously shape every intricate detail of our offerings. By 2007, we proudly inaugurated our factory—a space where raw timber metamorphoses into splendid creations under a single roof, underscoring our dedication to responsible sourcing and quality craftsmanship.


In an industry often dominated by mass production, Teakita chose a different trajectory, perfecting production methodologies to craft custom-designed furniture on a grand scale. This pioneering approach enables us to infuse each piece with a touch of uniqueness, reflecting the diversity of our clientele.




Across Southeast Asia, India, and the tropical realms of South America, teakwood, known as Kayu Jati in Malay, unfolds its magnificent allure. Freshly milled teak invites a sensory experience, enveloping the senses in its distinctive leather-like aroma. Yet, teak’s charm extends beyond its olfactory appeal. Celebrated for its durability and natural resistance to water and insects, teak has graced boat hulls, architectural wonders, and furniture with a sense of prestige.


The growth of teak tells a story of patience. Plantation-grown teak requires 35 to 50 years to mature adequately for harvesting. Acknowledging the imperatives of ethics and sustainability, we exclusively source our teak from Indonesia’s legal forests, ensuring responsible logging practices and reforestation.




Envision a realm where time bends to the indomitable spirit of teak furniture. A symphony of strength and endurance, teak furniture can adorn your home for an impressive span of 50 to 70 years, and perhaps even beyond. The allure of teak’s longevity rests upon its remarkable robustness, refined over generations. Teak’s enchantment deepens with time, gracefully weathering climatic extremities without treatments or preservatives, preserving its innate charm.


In conclusion, the Teakita narrative is one of dedication, transformation, and an unwavering commitment to the timeless elegance of teakwood. Over nearly 25 years, we have evolved into a bastion of craftsmanship and responsible sourcing. Our journey is intrinsically linked with the splendor of teak—a timber that carries within its grains the tales of distant lands and enduring beauty. With each creation bearing the Teakita signature, we celebrate not just furniture but a legacy etched in wood.